Welcome to DataOwnerClub Support Center

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question, feedback, suggestions about our products and sales via: support@dataownerclub.com

How long will you receive the registration code after online payment?

After the payment is successful, the page will automatically display your personal registration code.
In case you cannot find the displayed registration code, we also send the license code to your email. Generally you will receive the registration code via e-mail within one hour after the order is successful.

Why purchase our product?

Enjoy All Functions of Our Software
After purchase, you will receive the registration code to make the free trial version become the full version to remove all functional restrictions, and use all functions of the software.

100% Safe and No Plugin
Our software is free of any forms of malware or virus. It is safe to install and run. And there is no third party plugin.

Free and Fast Customer Support
Your satisfaction is our top priority. Free Lifetime Support via Email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

It is worthy to buy for its powerful function and easy-to-use feature and lifetime support.

What is the difference between copyrighted software and cracked version?

1.Safety and stability
The copyrighted software is strictly tested, and it is safe and stable to ensure your system stability and data security.
The cracked software is modified by the cracker, which result in the instability of software and loss of data. The cracked software usually carries virus, Trojan, or advertising.
2.Tech Support
The copyrighted software has free lifetime support; the cracked version will not get any tech support.
3.Update and Upgrade
The copyrighted software enables to upgrade to the latest version at any time so that you can enjoy the latest functional experience.
The cracked version does not support update and upgrade.

Can the registration code continue to be used after reloading system?

You may still use the registration code after reloading the system.
If you replace the hard disk or change to new computer, please contact us to get a new register code for free.