How to Use Dataownerclub Memory Optimizer to Release Memory?

One click or Auto Free Up Memory Taken Up by Unused Applications

As we know, when we use our computer, what we use is in fact the software and application and the web page. However, as long as we launch the software on our computer, it will take up some system memory. But when we do not use the software, it may not free up the memory that was consumed. Therefore the more software we use, the more memory will be taken up and the less memory will be available.

However, having low memory on your hard drive can cause your computer to malfunction, and you won't have much space for files and programs. How to release the memory consumed by unused software and applications? Dataownerclub Memory Optimizer is just the right tool to achieve that goal.

How to Use Dataownerclub Memory Optimizer to Free Up Memory?

With the help of Dataownerclub Memory Optimizer, it will be that easy to release the memory consumed by unused software, application and program.
Make Preparation: Free Download and launchDataownerclub Memory Optimizer Free download the powerful yet easy-to-use Dataownerclub Memory Optimizer, install and launch it.


Method 1: One Click to Release the Memory.

After launching the powerful Dataownerclub Memory Optimizer, simply click Free the Memory to easily and successfully free up the memory take up by the software or program not in use.

Method 2: Auto Free Up the Memory

One time setting, then it will auto free up the memory in the future.Switch to Setting tab, and check before Auto-free to let this ideal Memory Optimizer automatically and real time free up memory in the background to increase the performance of your computer.